Alicia Johnson

Creativity is ageless.
Wisdom accrues over time.
As advisors to innovative
leaders in search of bold
transformation, our brand
consultancy offers both.
We are at once the loftiest
of dreamers and utter
pragmatists. The result is
wildly different thinking
that makes total sense.

the better part of valor

We work behind the scenes to illuminate possibility. Whether the objective is a global brand reposition or a team offsite to uncover greener pastures, our discretion, joyful curiosity, incisive methodology, and bulldog tenacity ensure success.

We take tangents and race down rabbit holes in search of the sublime. NO88 houses our R&D and campaigning projects — the ones that shift paradigms, agitate algorithms and spark neurons.

Hal Wolverton

inquire within

We’d love to hear about what’s on your mind, and would be happy to share details of our work — or facilitate dialogue between you and one of our clients  should you like a different perspective on our methods and practices. Contact us.

Alicia Johnson and Hal Wolverton work and live on a farm in the Hudson Valley. On occasion they hold team retreats there — intimate gatherings for intensive focus and creative ideation. Because a change of scene is good and a breath of fresh air cannot be overestimated.